Frequently asked questions

What is Kpop fashion?

Korean popular music, or Kpop, is an alternative spelling for Korean pop culture, which started in South Korea throughout the late 1800s because of the stylish outfits and visual effects including its music is usually a treat for both the eyes and ears. Kpop fashion is by certainly one of our (especially with teenagers) favorite styles which inspired us with a mix of aesthetic, retro styles.

Does Kpop fashion evolve with the music?

With the release of music videos such as MONEY by Lisa, ELEVEN by IVE and WA DA DA by Kep1er. In terms of Kpop music and fashion, this has been a fantastic year so far. At the present, matching two-piece sets, square-neck topped, black leather boots, skirts with knee-high socks, and some crop tops, asymmetric earrings and all of which have been seen in recent Kpop music videos, are all quite in fashion.

What else is SFAN about?

"SFAN" is not just about clothes, we also have Kpop-styled shoes and bags that can go well with your outfit For the day.

Woah SFAN has more than just kpop clothes?

Let's move on to Kpop fashion shoes, bags, accessories that can match with you're outfit now that you've learned the fundamentals of how to dress like one. Matching the accessories to the clothing is usually a major aspect of the aesthetic that being said, some chunky gold jewelry and black leather boots to offer some edge that can go well with studs and chains and that can accessorizes with layered gold-tone hair clips and a gold-tone bar necklace or with a color of your choice other than that, If you want to wear a pink skirt with a yellow top, you'll need either a pink or yellow set of shoes and a yellow pair of bags. Heels, sneakers, wedge sneakers, booties, tiny purses and shoulder bags.